The Mysterious Twin-Link

Advanced Artificial Memory Extraction Experiment

AAMEE 1 and AAMEE 2 are genetic clones. Having been born twins, the person they were cloned after personality split, one having the emotions, one having the logic. The only thing connecting the two is the mysterious link that twins naturally have. 10 years after the project "Failed" leaving AAMEE 2 with Doctor Campbell in hiding, and AAMEE 1 missing, the project has resurfaced, and those involved are being mysteriously hunted down.

Chapter 14 (10-11-10)

PROJECT AAMEE FULL VERSION (Chapters 1-14) (10-11-10)

Chapters 1 - 7 (6-15-10)

An original audio drama starring the voices of Laura Post, Lucien Dodge, Bryan W. Dull, Ydoc Nameloc, Mindy Owen, and a diverse group of online voice actors. Story written by Watercolor of Watercolor Creations. Co-Produced by Midnite Lilly Productions. All rights reserved.


Enjoy the completed version of Project AAMEE. -- 10/11/10


AAMEE 1/Justice & AAMEE 2/Claudia: Batgirl
Zodiac/Jasper Knox: Lucien Dodge
Agent Patrick Malloy: Bryan W. Dull
Andrew: River Kanoff
Doctor Richard Campbell: Ydoc Nameloc
Nurse Annette Bennett: Mindy Owen
Officer Martin/Captain Martin Franks: Jeff Robbins
Extras: Ruk, Akurah, Gabrielle, and Fairuza


The audio drama contains adult situations. If you are under the age of 18, please get your parents' permission before listening to the production.